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Astral Chain v1.0.1 + Yuzu Emu Torrent For PC


About Astral Chain

Event Astral Chain v1.0.1 The stage is the year 2078, a post-apocalyptic world. The “Chimera” monster that came from the astral world began to attack the city quickly, almost annihilating the human race. The surviving humans created a new megalopolis society and called it the Ark. It was reproduced on a huge artificial island. Occasionally, the island is attacked by chimeras, kidnapping townspeople and dousing them with a red substance. Matter turns all living things into monsters. Players take on the role of Police Task Force Neuron. Fighters are needed to fight enemies and scout the Legion. The organization successfully subdued several Chimeras. The gameplay is divided into two parts: fighting demonic monsters, everyday criminal investigation and ordinary police work. Corps provides skilled fighters for joint missions.

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Astral Chain v1.0.1 + Yuzu Emu restricts the main character and his subordinate Chimera. Once the player summons a monster, he can switch controls between the monster and the protagonist. From time to time, the user must travel to a parallel world called the Astral Plane, where he must overcome deadly traps, solve puzzles and fight enemies. Combat takes place in real-time, with your men using futuristic firearms and melee weapons.

Game Details
Release: 2020
Developer: PlatinumGames | Nintendo


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