About Us

Here You Will Get Free PC Games, You Can Request Any Game You Want Us To Upload To Our Website.


About Me : 

Hello, my name is Jerry and I have been playing since 2002. So we will provide you tested repacks on our site.
There are many sites, I mean Google is full of free game sites but some of them are fake and have pop ads which makes it harder to find and download free games. This is were we come we will test all games and repacks before uploading on our site and there will be multiple repacks for example one repack is not working you can always try another one. Also there will be zero ads on our site means it will be easier and faster to download games from our site. We will also try to provide you with free multiplayer games. 

Still if you get any issue you can join our discord : https://discord.gg/GNrbN8XcZx
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjEPsS-ZXtq5vQAbXQYS7w/featured

Email : [email protected]
Discord : JERRY#0847