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Open World RPG Survival

About Outward Definitive Edition

Outward Definitive Edition is a captivating title that whisks players away on an unforgettable adventure. Developed by Nine Dots Studio, the game has garnered praise for its unique approach to storytelling, challenging gameplay mechanics, and emphasis on exploration and survival. With the release of the Definitive Edition, the game has been polished and enriched, offering an even more immersive experience for both veterans and newcomers to the world of Aurai. It takes players on a mystical journey through the enchanting yet perilous world of Aurai. Unlike many traditional RPGs, the game doesn’t cast players as the Chosen One destined to save the world. Instead, they embody a regular, vulnerable character thrust into a world teeming with danger and uncertainty. Players must embrace the intricacies of survival, such as managing limited resources, crafting essential items, and adapting to ever-changing weather conditions. This unique blend of mechanics challenges players to think critically and strategically, as even the simplest of tasks can have significant consequences.

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Where One’s Choices Shape the Path

Outward Definitive Edition is a masterclass in presenting morally ambiguous choices. The game employs a dynamic system where the decisions made by players during their adventures reverberate throughout the world, profoundly impacting the storyline. Quests don’t come with clear-cut solutions, and actions have repercussions that can be felt hours or even days later in the game. This morally grey landscape tests players’ principles and puts their convictions to the test, often leading to unforeseen consequences. The game’s defining feature lies in its cooperative multiplayer mode, which lets players invite a friend to share in the adventure. True to the game’s core, cooperative gameplay requires teamwork, communication, and synchronicity between players. It’s an absolute joy to explore the vast landscapes of Aurai together, tackling challenges as a unified front. Moreover, Outward Definitive Edition encourages both players to have their unique narratives, even when engaged in cooperative mode. The choices made by one character may not necessarily align with the other, leading to intricate storytelling experiences that are unmatched in other RPGs.

The Beauty of Aurai

The world of Aurai is nothing short of breathtaking, boasting diverse landscapes that cater to a variety of playstyles. From arid deserts to snowy mountain ranges, lush forests to treacherous dungeons, Aurai offers an eclectic mix of environments that beckon players to explore every nook and cranny. Players will find themselves consistently awestruck by the picturesque vistas, further reinforcing the game’s sense of wonder and immersion. Outward Definitive Edition stands as an exemplary RPG that challenges the genre’s conventions. By forgoing traditional hero narratives and introducing survival elements, Nine Dots Studio has crafted a gem that keeps players on their toes throughout the adventure. With its emphasis on choices, exploration, and cooperative play, it provides an enthralling and dynamic gaming experience. The game’s beautiful world, combined with morally challenging decisions and engaging gameplay mechanics, cements its status as a must-play title for any RPG enthusiast. So, ready your backpack, sharpen your wit, and set forth into the vast unknown of Aurai, for adventure awaits those who dare to embrace the journey offered by Outward Definitive Edition.

Game Details
Release: 2022
Developer: Nine Dots Studio | Prime Matter


System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 (64 Bit) / 8 (64 Bit) / 10 (64 Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 or equivalent
  • Storage: 51 GB available space

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